Freedom, curated

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Vendors are like ingredients for an event recipe.  They can make the experience exceptional, or unpalatable.  You want the former.  In the interest of achieving this, while preserving a good measure of freedom, we’ve curated a large vendor list that should act as your primary filter for both vendor quality and efficiency of planning. While making your event a positive experience, we also preserve our reputation with your guests, who will assume the services of your vendors are performed by Clementine or Ruby (life is unfair). 


Vendors at both Clementine and Ruby must be selected from the list of qualified vendors here.  These vendors are competent, familiar with our facilities and policies, and should have all qualifying documentation on file with us.  All vendors must be approved by us at least 30 days before your event. Vendors who have not been approved by this time will not be allowed onsite the day of the event. 


If you want to brave it and use a vendor who is not on this list (and they are not a Rental, Bartending or Security company, which must come from the list, or are not allowed to return), they may complete an application for consideration to come here.  They must submit their contact information, sign the Vendor Agreement (a liability release and service level agreement), and provide the appropriate insurance.  Caterers and Coordinators must have a new vendor orientation at the venue. We will evaluate the abilities of proposed new vendors and make a determination as to their capabilities.  Approval of proposed new vendors is not guaranteed.  A fee of $50 will be added to your invoice for every perspective new vendor you nominate for the time to evaluate and on-board a perspective new vendor.



If you're a vendor and would like to be on the approved list, we're happy to consider you.  First, come to Clementine or Ruby as a vendor for one of our clients.  Please don't contact us to get on the list without having visited as we can't approve anyone whom we have not seen operate.  Before you come the first time, you will go through the above application process.  If you are not on the list, do not tell a client that you have been to our venues before and are therefore allowed back.  Great vendors appreciate that we screen for legitimacy and capability.