Our rates are easy to understand. We charge a flat rental rate which includes everything in the rotating library above. Our rates vary based upon weekday and time (and sometimes by season and other factors).  We will give you a precise cost based upon the details of your event once we hear from you. Here's a range in the meantime. 


Evening:  $4500 - $7800

Daytime:  hourly rate 

A 50% deposit and contract secure a date.


(or how it is)


We get asked this a lot

Creating boutique events simply is our goal.  It starts with our architecture and design, but continues throughout everything we do.  So here's how we do it and what is included:


At minimum, we require a day-of coordinator to manage the complex logistics of the day.  We can be that person if you like. Our rates depend upon the type, length and complexity of the event.



Apart from our rental rate, there isn't anything else you need to do with Clementine. That said, you can choose us to provide your chairs, decor or coordination for an extra fee.