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If you're a professional in your field, we're going to get along just fine.  You make our clients' events go smoothly, which reflects well upon our venues.  The opposite is true too, so we vet all vendors.



Before hitting START, have your COI naming "Dragon Park LLC, 4710 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, TN 37209"  (an annual $1 mm+ liability policy issued in your company name, then naming us as additional insured) as this will save us both a lot of back-and forth.  On the COI, please do not have your agent add verbiage to the "Description of Operations / Locations" section (such as event date, etc.) as this may negate the purpose of the COI or limit it to a single event.  For caterers and bartending services, you must provide liquor liability on your COI.


If approved, feel free to move forward with a client contract for services at any of our venues.  So long as things go well at your events and your insurance on file with us remains current, you're approved to return to the venues (if your insurance on file lapses, you'll need togo through this application again).  Unless you know this to be the case, please don't tell a perspective client that you're approved as this can create an awkward situation.  Thanks for your understanding.