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Clementine is the much larger sister to Ruby, our first venue which we opened in 2011 in Hillsboro Village's Dragon Park. Clementine is located on the historic Sylvan-Charlotte district of Charlotte Avenue, directly across the street from Richland Park.  After an extensive rebuilding of the 1889 structure, we are now available for private events - including wedding ceremonies & receptions, corporate/ non-profit parties, and music occasions.  Clementine blends the historic with a polished industrial, contemporary design and an appreciation for outdoor spaces.  


Clementine is the culmination of a many-year search for a large space that has, well, everything - incredible historic structure, Nashville neighborhood, city park, and all of the indoor and outdoor areas that one could want. The story is a long one which we may end up telling you when you come to visit. The original West Nashville United Methodist Church was built in 1889 and expanded many times since. Clementine is now a  beautiful performance hall and venue amazing audio, video, lighting and other important amenities.  (Oh, and we don't explain the origin of the Clementine name; it ruins one's imagination.)


For those of you like us, you may want to look at our history.


how did this happen?


Stunningly beautiful historic bones married with a complete boutique design rebuild of the space.    We eliminate the fundamental venue dilemma - choose a venue that is safe but institutional or inspiring yet raw.  Clementine is an old beauty with surprising vigor.  




A la carte events do not have to be more difficult to plan than those all-inclusives.  We make bespoke easy.  Go ahead, break the event mold.  It'll be better than okay.

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Broad vendor latitude married with thoughtful curation.  It's is how we maintain a good measure of freedom balanced with our years of event wisdom. Your result will be a singular boutique experience.  




It begins with our location opposite a Nashville park.  Entry is trough an expansive walled courtyard that is a contemporary urban oasis.  The outdoors has always played a significant part in our events, as we hope it will yours.  Let's see.