Jul 9, 2021

The Usually Great Outdoors

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Clementine Hall is a Nashville boutique venue

couple embracing in the field, grass blowing. Why are they in that field, we will never know, but we've seen that post. A million times. For those not intent on becoming a viral sensation (though that requires some uniqueness), we'll give you the reality on the outdoors.

We're the consummate outdoors people here. We lived in Wyoming for years for that reason. We enjoy the outdoors so much that we design significant outdoor areas into our venues even though they are in the heart of Nashville. Our venues are also intentionally located within or next to city parks to enhance our private green spaces. On a great evening, your guests will want to stay outside, particularly if the lighting is right, which of course it is at Clementine.

Despite our love of the outdoors, we tell everyone that you cannot count on the outdoors for your event. Apart from the hot or cold temperatures, well, it could rain.

How we Designed Brash Courtyard

Clementine's outdoor space is what we call Brash Courtyard, a walled, garden space akin to a secret courtyard that you might find in New Orleans. It's totally private. People passing by on the street don't even know its there. Brash Courtyard is accessible by two steel entries, which are closed during events. The courtyard is bordered by rich landscaping and ivy that seems to consume our board-formed concrete and mid-century breezeway block walls. Built-in seating throughout eliminates the need for much or any furniture. Building, wall, fountain, neon, and tree lighting make for what Hemmingway would call a Clean, Well-Lighted Place. The gentle sound of the fountains as well as music, complete the atmosphere.

The courtyard is hardscaped, that is decoratively paved, which means that the space is usable even minutes after a rain. Grass yards are often not usable even several days after a rain, especially in high heels.

Covered areas are even more usable, but vainly we decided that brought-in tents would mar the look of Clementine, so we made their use impractical by design. After all, there should be a small bit of luck involved.

For send-offs, as always we like options. We have two entries (main and side into Little Bird Lounge), and two exits from the courtyard, which total four options for send-offs.

If you visit Clementine during the day, unfortunately you won't see the courtyard in its nighttime glory. For those visitors, we recommend having dinner at Hathorne next door with a view of the courtyard to appreciate the evening atmosphere. And might we suggest having the Clementine cocktail there?

What if We Get Unlucky?

Rain on a wedding day is said to be good luck. It is remarkable how may times it rains on a wedding day before guests arrive. But if the outdoors is hardscaped, these areas are instantly ready to use after the rain passes. This said, do not count on outdoor space for square footage that you must have for dining, bar, or cocktail area. Of course at Clementine, you'll never need the Brash courtyard for these purposes, and even on the worst of days your guests will experience the courtyard when they enter and you'll enjoy it during your send off.