Jul 14, 2021

We Stay in Our Lane

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Clementine Hall is a Nashville boutique venue

he biggest temptation for a venue is to start offering other products and services. The allure of additional money and control is intoxicating to many. So much so that this slippery slope leads many to become a dreaded all-inclusive venue.

We see it every day, and you're probably experiencing this now in your venue search. An otherwise lovely venue adds bar service, then in-house coordination, then rentals and before long you have to use their photographer and the owner's brother's polka band.

Freedom and cost be darned. What the venue is really saying you is that they can provide all of these services better and most cost-effectively than other providers in the market. And they'll justify these restrictions by telling you that their nannying makes planning your event easier.

A singular focus on the facility

We focus solely on the design and operations of our facilities. We will never be your caterer, coordinator or DJ, and for that you should be happy. We may call it facility management, but just think of us as taking care of all things related to the property.

We fight the temptation to do anything that we do not think that we are the best qualified to perform, which is everything outside of building design and operations. We believe that our clients should be able to pick their own professional vendors. In fact, it's the only way to create a boutique event experience.

Our role is easy to understand when we say that we're the pilot of the plane. We talk about this in other articles, so we won't retread here.