Welcome Professionals

Vendors determine the outcome of events and reflect upon us. For these reasons, only professional vendors are welcome at our venues.  The information provided in this application enables us to determine that a vendor new to us is actively in the business of performing the services contracted by the client. This requirement applies to all service providers who come onsite. This review process should give vendors confidence that other vendors at events are also professionals. Once an application is complete, we review and respond promptly.

Insurance requirement

An annual liability policy of at least $1 million and issued in your company's name is required (one-day policies are not acceptable). If you do not have a compliant annual insurance policy or are unable/ unwilling to procure one before applying, please do not continue.

Your COI, before you apply

Before proceeding, have your Certificate of Insurance (COI) naming "Dragon Park LLC, 4710 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, TN 37209". Really, it is more work to partially apply now and send us your COI later.

Do not allow your agent to add verbiage to the "Description of Operations / Locations" section (such as event date, services performed, a venue name, or other limitations/ conditions) as this will negate the value of the COI or limit it to a single event or to only one of our venues.

Caterers providing bartending services must provide liquor liability on the COI of at least $1 million.


Vetting a new vendor takes some time.  For this we charge the vendor a small fee of $50.   This is a deterrent for non-professional vendors.  We do not waive this fee.

Future visits

Once approved, you may move forward with a client contract for services at any of our venues.  As long as things go well at events and your insurance on file with us remains current, you're approved to return. (If your insurance on file lapses, you need to go through this application in its entirety again, sorry it's more work for all of us).  For photographers, our expectation is that you provide us with the event photos.

Unless you know you're approved to come, please don't tell a perspective client that you're approved as this can create an awkward situation. You're welcome to contact us.

Approved Vendor List

We get asked about getting on the Approved Vendor List. To a large extent, the list that is determined by our clients.

If you've been to our venues, we can talk (until then we don't have information on which to base an opinion). To stay on the list, apart from generally being great, clients have to choose you with some regularity.

Let's make this quick

Please complete this application in its entirety as each submittal creates a separate application.  If your submittal is incomplete, we're unable to approve the application.

  • Submit your business information below.
  • Sign our Vendor Agreement (liability release).
  • Upload your COI. (Not needed for Organists or Ministers.)
  • Pay the $50 administrative fee for processing the application. (Not required for Organists or your Ministers.) Fee does not guarantee approval.

We do not accept applications for the following vendor categories: rental companies, stand alone bartending services, valet services and security services.